RSS 101 Tutorial Part 4

Benefits for Online Marketers
RSS is seriously the hottest online marketing tool today and this is the time to put it to maximum use. Let’s take a look!

RSS though absolutely noticeable, is as yet a great deal under-utilized which is why approximately RSS services are free and waiting to be used by you. Then why not use them to your advancement?

Ranging from free aggregators, RSS creating software, feed indexing and tracking sites, hardly everything required to compose and manage an RSS feed is available completely free of cost! Contract the almost of it while it lasts.

With little effort, you can use RSS innovatively to upgrade traffic to your web site. Before long these services will all cost money, so pass started now.

Facilitate Web Site since Free
As detailed later, certain search engines are offering to index your RSS feed beside with your web site if your visitors embrace your RSS feed in their search engine exact accounts.

For instance, a Yahoo! policy states that it will spider your RSS feed and web site if a visitor to your site includes your feed in his/her My Yahoo! account. Yahoo! is doing this within 48 hours of such an occurrence a astonishingly fast indexing time since Yahoo! To top it all, this happens excluding costing you a penny! You can remoter speed up the process by subscribing to your RSS feed in your My Yahoo! account.

In other words, using RSS gets your site listed in popular search engines faster than the usual site listing procedure and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Advertise (with Cautioning)
Before plunging into sending product promotion data through your RSS feeds, assign a groovy subscriber base. Offer them useful newsletter that will retain them hooked to your feed. Later, you can subtly insert unobtrusive ads related to the feed topics.

So that case, once the users be conscious of that you are an expert in Internet Traffic, the members of your RSS feed will check Internet Traffic products you promote or refer to in the feed. Such contextual marketing is bound to receive hits and some hits will turn into sales!

In this respect, RSS feeds are a groovy tool to compose a buzz about an upcoming product, e-book, discount sale, or a new enhanced service relating to the feed topic.

Podcast Your Content
Time and again you will come across a word of warning about using elaborated content or content other than text in an RSS feed. From a technical stance you can use HTML, audio, video, and images in a feed to enhance the impact of your message.

Podcasting is the ability of devices especially the Apple iPod to deal with all kinds of digital data other than music (which is what it was designed so that). Generally speaking a Podcast is like a recorded radio program, something informational that a user can store on his iPod and listen to later.

With Apple doing roaring marketing retailing iPods and establishing a global personal device official, podcasting is the future of RSS. A Feedburner study indicates that number of podcast listeners boosted from 13500 in January 2005 to 24000 the next month. The number of podcast feeds went up from 750 in December 2004 to about 1750 within two months. Most of these podcast supporting feeds rank among the first 50 RSS feeds on Feedburner with some boasting of up to 3000 subscribers.

These numbers are going nowhere but up.

So how do you make money from all this?
Generating Revenue from RSS

Using Google AdSense
Optimize your web site for keywords and phrases and use Google ads in your RSS feeds through Google AdSense to improvise additional income. Since this purpose, Google has recently introduced the Google AdSense program since feeds.

Refer to other Google AdSense policies so that feeds available at:
www google com / support / adsense / bin /

Direct Selling
As is the casing with inserting ads in RSS feeds, cautiously endorse direct retailing and entice the readers who are into impulsive shopping.

So that this approach to work, you must first ascertain the adore of the content you transfer through your RSS feed. The readers should accept you as an expert in your field and trace you trustworthy. Then and only then you can offer them related products and services, and they are expected to buy.

When the time is right to move on to marketing through RSS, ensure that what you are selling directly complements the newsletter you integrate in the RSS feed.

Serve your RSS subscribers correctly and they will turn into paying customers.

Reach Paid from Exclusivity
If you are excited in a specialized field, you can get paid since the unique and exclusive content you can supply through RSS feeds to the people who share the same activities.

Niche markets typically have very little info and consumers involved in such areas are always on the lookout of new newsletter. If you can satisfy this requirement, subscribers will not mind paying a reasonable membership fee to access your expertise.

Another way of making money from niche markets is to explore all the related feeds and build up them together to form a large useful resource. Your subscribers will thank you so that compiling all the information into a single place which is really the meaning of the aggregation. Yahoo Pipes, Google Mashups, and TrafficBoosterPro V2  are examples of this pattern

Marketing Affiliate Products Generally
Whether you are an associate of a widespread affiliate program or yourself run an affiliate program with numerous levels of affiliates and clients, you can favor tremendously by using RSS.

Promoting Amazon Products
Amazon is one of the biggest and about popular online stores so that a wide dispose of products. If public want to buy something, they day by day first check it out on Amazon.

You too can advantage from Amazon’s popularity. RSS assists you in informing your clients about existent versions, bestsellers, and discounts. With RSS, you can again benefit your subscribers track the index they are implicated in. Prepare and send customized RSS feeds to conflicting clients so they do not spend time going through details of several elements on Amazon.

Promoting Your Products Auctioned on eBay and Other Auction Sites
Use RSS to endorse your products that sell through auction sites like eBay.

Creating an RSS Feed

Creating an RSS is nearly as ready as reading one.

  •  Manual Creation
  •  Software-based Creation
  •  Customized Creation

Regardless, rearrange sure you have groovy content.

The next part will be about: “Creating an RSS Feed Manually
If you can’t wait till the next part release, or you can’t discover the first 3 parts please download the extensive report from our web site in the downloads area.

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