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seo program

Yes, Yes, I know, You heard it all before...But  have you ever seen actual proof before you buy?

search engine optimization results

It is no accident that our first version is already a Best Seller. Many others are trying to copy our methods and ideas but they are not succeeding. Check our new Features here.

We are still Ranked #1 in all the Major Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN for our industry targeted keywords. In some keywords we dominate all the first 10 results (or most of the first 10 results) and for some other keywords we just rank somewhere from 1-10 in the first 10 results. In a few moments time, you'll see some real results we've obtained from this software. .

Take a moment to think that we compete for those search engine results with other competitors who offer similar SEO Tools – we rank above them, so you can clearly see which SEO Tool actually works. It's because it is designed by SEO experts, combining years of knowledge and experience in the field. We know how to rank highly and we've designed our SEO Tool, using our 10 years online experience and SEO knowledge. What's more, our product is constantly updated to reflect changes in search engine technology.

This is a SEO Tool.  It's not an e-commerce shopping cart, or any other tool that can be written by any old programmer for a few bucks. This software is designed to rank highly, and act like a Traffic and a Search Engine Spider Magnet, using tested SEO Methods that work 100%.

You can visit the main site of our first software version at:

Click any of the Following Links to see our current positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Google Results:

Yahoo Results:
MSN Results:

Why am I showing you these results?

Well, people are quick to catch on to a good product.  They'll try to sell to you SEO Tools and products that may never work as advertised, or they create cheap imitations of TrafficBoosterPro that will never give you the desired results. We can prove that they have simply "stolen" our ideas in trying to make a similar SEO Tool. And why? Simply because they know that our method is working. 

We know about SEO  and what it takes to achieve success.  Here is the proof.  If you want a SEO Tool made by SEO experts you are in the right place. 

If you want to keep trying "unknown" products and spend money and time testing then you can go somewhere else.  If, on the other hand, you're looking for a product that has a proven track record of success, and that ACTUALLY WORKS, stick around.

We've completed a year long program of rigorous testing on our new version before launching it.  And that doesn't mean the new version is a year out of date – we are continually improving and updating our software, so you can be sure the version you get is bang up to date.  And why all this effort?  We have a reputation to maintain. I would never allow a substandard product to be sold in my name.

No one really says it better than a customer...

> *-------Original Message-------*
>  *From:* Gary M. <jedgary@..........>
> *Date:* 6/11/2006 5:10:55 =F0=EC
> *To:* James at TrafficBoosterPro <>
> *Subject:* Re: Traffic Booster Setup
> Hello James,
> Holy cow! That's alot of power within a software! You're so bloody 
> good at SEO, and a genius Sir! You must make a fortune from  > SEO  
> Thank you for the demo, I'll check it out. Can't wait for
> the new version.
> By the way, why not put a forum for us members? This way we can chat with each other and share ideas. 
> Anyway, you are the genius here, we will leave it all up to you. You
> gained my trust and I am now your biggest fan, James. Being new to affiliate and internet marketing, thank goodness I found your website.
> Sincerely,
> Gary


Date: 1/6/2006 3:48:07 PM

To: 'James Saunders'

Subject: RE: 

Hi James!

Happy New Year to you to!

Thank you so very much for replying to my “troubles” with TrafficBoosterPro. I reinstalled files and they worked like a charm J…. Fantastic!

I think my husband is getting sick of me telling him you are a genius!


To generate keywords…do you have link suggestions? Or a program for such? Misspelled and phrases?

Do you have text editor suggestions for keyword editing – removing trailing lines at beginning and end of keywords?

How much is a multi license pak for traffic booster pro

Any other “MUST HAVE” resources that would help me?

Have a GREAT day!

Cindy R.

We received the second email from one of our clients a year ago.

TrafficBoosterPRo SEO Tool Autopilot SoftwareThat second email is about our First Version 1.0 which was best selling software.

The first email is about our New Version 2.0 and was send from a customer that had seen the DEMO while it was still in Beta testing...

The New Powerful Version 2.0 is a head of it's time. We're talking about innovation and success.

You DON'T need to spend months of hard work to make money from your sites. The emails you see above, could be yours.

The decisive factor...

The TrafficBoosterPro version 2.0 is the most advanced SEO Autopilot tool on the internet.  What does this mean for you?

It's easy to use, extremely effective and gives you EVERYTHING you need to make a great income online.  All it takes, is 5-10 minutes of your time to Download and install it, then 10 more minutes to SET and Forget about it... YES! You got that point right. It runs by it self, for ever...

We have a Private Support Forum for our Customers. Click on the Image below to see what Testimonials they have add in the Forum for our Software. These are Real Testimonials From Real Customers that are using our software right now.

TrafficBoosterPro Private SEO Forum


First of all, what is TrafficBoosterPro?

What can you do with it?

  TrafficBoosterPro creates 400 Doorway Pages per second.
And it's the fastest on the Internet. It doesn't use FTP software to upload them. It doesn't necessarily need any keywords lists. It finds it's own Keywords in any language you desire. But you can use your own keyword lists at any time if you have acquired them with another tool.  

 TrafficBoosterPro pages use RSS RANDOMIZER.
Content is King on the Internet. Our script does exactly that, it creates content 24/7 using RSS Feeds. You gather RSS Feeds from your Favorite Blogs and RSS Directories and from inside the Admin control panel, you assign those RSS Feeds for a specific category (folder) in your TrafficBoosterPro pages and you click the "save" button. You can add as many RSS Feeds you like and you can add more as you find more nice RSS Feeds. TrafficBoosterPRo then takes the RSS Feeds for each category and before it shows them on a page, it first select 3-4 random RSS feeds that you've assigned to this category and mixes them up (items, text lines, images, etc.) to create NEW Fresh unique content for that particular page that is also called a mashup. This way it creates pages that are original and do not have duplicate content elsewhere on the Internet.  RSS Feeds are the best way to add content in a site but if you don't use the above method then the possibilities that the same RSS feed you use in your page will also load in other pages or websites or Blogs may result in your website getting banned.  Alternatively, it may never be indexed by the major search engines, should they register your site as having duplicate content.

Adsense™ income. Affiliate income. Indexed sites. High Rankings.
TrafficBoosterPro v.2.0 can do it all.  Put adsense or Amazon or ClickBank or Ebay affiliate links directly on your thousands of pages, point thousands of one way links to your affiliate -- adsense or regular web sites. GET YOUR SITES INDEXED extremely fast. While it can be a Doorway Script it can also work without redirection, though it keeps the visitor in your pages with a smart mouse trap algorithm that it uses so that visitors, they either click on your ads or they close their browser to go away. Turning Redirection ON or OFF is only takes 2 clicks on the admin control panel. 

  TrafficBoosterPro handles the whole PROMOTION for you.
It creates.  It updates.  It pings.  It posts one-way links to your sites.  It cloaks.  It interlinks your sites.  Using "Smart-tasks" it creates Doorway Pages when you're not around.  It puts your web site's Promotion on autopilot. It promotes Links, RSS Feeds, Products, Affiliate systems and finally, it dominates your competition.

  TrafficBoosterPro has the Most Advanced IP Cloaking Algorithm.
We call it the ARGM, our users call it Genius.  Search Engines call it a major problem. It detects any search engine with or without user agent by the behavior of the web pages using smart techniques. Of course, it comes with a large database of all known Search Engine's IP Data centers but it also automatically updates its database as soon as it detects a new Search Engine's IP. There is no spider that can pass this system. Only real visitors will be redirected and ONLY if you want that. (Above I mentioned that you can use the pages to sell advertisements instead of redirect, should you so wish).

  TrafficBoosterPro pages get spidered and indexed fast.
With our new indexing algorithm, users get incredibly fast indexing. This new version 2.0 is an indexing machine! It's your competitor's worst nightmare.

  TrafficBoosterPro has a Built in RSS content rewriter.
That's right. It creates New RSS Feeds out of your created pages. This RSS Feed auto-updates daily (it's a part of our "smart-tasks" feature). It scans in a random order your pages for changes and rewrites the rss.xml file. We call this "Creating Feeds out of Feeds".  

 TrafficBoosterPro has a Built in RSS Submission tool.
With our integral RSS Submitter you can Submit RSS Feeds that TrafficBoosterPro rewrites and any other RSS Feed you have within a couple of minutes. Then just sit back and relax. Watch your RSS Feeds index in those RSS and Blog Directories and after time your RSS Feed aggregate to provide many Blogs with the fresh content they want. And the best part is that you don't need to know how to create an RSS feed at all. Our software will automate 100% of this process for you.

 TrafficBoosterPro & Built in CSV to RSS tool. Products Promotion.
You can create RSS Feeds from CSV files (like the one you submit to Froogle - you might have a Froogle CSV file already on your hard disk). We have included instructions on how to build such a CSV file in our Help Manual. Then when you have one created, TrafficBoosterPro has a section that you can "Promote" your own RSS Feeds. If you create an RSS Feed from your CSV files, or if you create an RSS Feed from your shopping cart MySQL database (there are other free or commercial scripts that can do that for you), or if you create CSV files for affiliate products, you can just add the desired URL of this RSS feeds in the "Promotional" area of the TrafficBoosterPro and if you have 10,000 pages created in a single moment all those pages will show a random number of your products (or the affiliate products) from the RSS feeds that you want to promote. Now multiply this by 10 or 20 or 100 domains that you have installed the TrafficBoosterPro (unlimited license only), and you will see the exposure your products can get with a single task.

And when you add more new products you can re-create your RSS feeds. Then in a moment, your brand new products will be available on thousands of pages. This is the fasted marketing method I know to exist, that promotes new products more aggressively than any other method today. A brand new product with Description, Price, Image, and a "Buy Now" Link can be launched on thousands of pages, in only a few minutes. The other method I know of that promotes a new product quickly is Google's Adwords™, and that can cost you a fortune. Check our Webmaster's Tools RSS Data Feed to see what we mean. This RSS Feed comes out of our shopping cart database and I post it here as an example.

 TrafficBoosterPro can create "Shadow Domains".
With TrafficBoosterPro you can enjoy the good old days when Doorway Pages were dominating the Internet. Why? Well... I cannot reveal to you exactly how our script algorithm works, but I can give you a couple of hints and you can make your own assumptions. TrafficBoosterPro is the greatest SEO Tool because it creates "Theme" based web sites (Shadow Domains -- also called mini sites). To rank in the TOP these days in the search engines your web site must be "rich" with content on a particular theme. Our script creates exactly that. It does that, In less than one minute too. So lets see some things I am able to reveal to you right now to justify what I said above.

First of all TrafficBoosterPro checks the visitor's IP. Then it Checks their User agent's. Then it checks it's own database for IP's that might be coming from search engines or other bots (bots that keep their user agent hidden to pass from common IP Cloaking software). Then it will decide to redirect the visitor or not. But if these facts don't convinced you of the TrafficBoosterPro's safety, then you can built a domain just for the TrafficBoosterPro (it installs in less than a minute using our automate installer), in which you can have redirected to a "mirror" domain of your main domain. The domain you will install the TrafficBoosterPro is then called a "Shadow Domain". It will have everything that a domain must have to look "real" because we designed the TrafficBoosterPro to be smart. So it will have among other things:
  • FAQ Page
  • Terms of Service page
  • Contact us page
  • Privacy page
  • About us page
  • RSS Feed
  • Sitemap (overal sitemap and per folder sitemap)
  • Link Directory (Visitors can add a link to their pages in just 1 minute)
Everything what takes for a web site to look as a "normal" web site....

Of course all the external links that visitors add, are all marked as "nofollow" and the links will not harm your pages from external linking (it won't be seen as a link farm -- other precautions also applied here to ensure that). And the best part of all is that the fields of those pages mentioned above are dynamically created to match the description of your Shadow Domain. It will look like the following example. Let's take for example that your domain is about "Hosting" then the "about us" page will start like this example automatically: "Welcome to the Best Hosting web site...." If you change the configuration of the script to built a Shadow Domain about "Cars" then the above example it will say: "Welcome to the Best Cars web site...." etc.

So you can be sure that those fields will be generated automatically for any Shadow Domain you build. Then to be certain that your "Main Good site" will not get banned from the search engines (worst case scenario) you can build a "Mirror" domain of your Main web site with a different name, Then, simply redirect all visitors to the Shadow domain to the mirror website and in case these domains get banned... WHO CARES????

You just buy a new domain and start over. In fact you can add a new Shadow domain every few weeks so you never get yourself out of the search engine results in case one shadow domain of yours falls. This way your main web site is safe while on the mirror site(s) you make all the money... ;-)  That is the main reason you started an Internet business, right? To make money! Search engines wants you to play by the rules (their rules) so if you can't make it to the TOP results with ethical ways or if you don't pay someone (a SEO expert for example) an arm and a leg to optimize your web site then you will have to PAY the search engines big time money for PPC ads (Pay Per Click ads).

Tell me if I'm wrong here... How many of you reading these lines right now, have not yet go through this painful process?  What you just read here concerns the webmsters that want to use the TrafficBoosterPro as a Doorway script or IP Cloaking script. But this in NOT what TrafficBoosterPro is all about. TrafficBoosterPro is a multi-marketing tool (something like a "Swiss army knife" as my friend Svet says). It does a lot of other things to help you make a better income on the Internet (even if you don't have a website of your own yet).

 TrafficBoosterPro provides thousands of one way links.
Point these links at any site you want.  Do you think tens of thousands of well indexed, one way links can help your sites?  We do. Create 100 "Shadow Domains" with or without the redirection enabled and use our "cross link" feature to add links to your sites (or sell links to other sites and make extra money). What could be better than this? If a "Shadow Domain" has, lets say 100,000 pages and you have 100 Shadow Domains (do the math to see how many pages will link to your web site or the web sites of the people that pay you, for links) and you just edit a configuration file in the Shadow Domain to delete or add a link (with description that will be as a result an anchor text link in the pages). Every page is optimized for a certain keyword or keyword phrase so the link to a web site is count as a "Good Link" because it comes from a web site page with related content.

 TrafficBoosterPro create pages in almost any language.
That's true. TrafficBoosterPro can create pages in almost any language you can think of, like Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean, German, Swedish (and other Scandinavian languages), Russian, Greek, etc. All you need is to find keywords or phrases in those languages and our software can do that as well, and then create pages for those keywords. I have to add a small hint here: The TrafficBoosterPro has embedded Google Adsense™ Affiliate code that shows Google's AdSense™ ads in all your pages. So if you create pages from Japanese Keywords then all the AdSense™ ads will be in Japanese because Google™ will see that the pages are in Japanese and will show related ads. TrafficBoosterPro is the best software solution to create mini sites "Made for Google AdSense™"

 TrafficBoosterPro has GEOIP feature integrated.
What you can do with it? Take a look in some examples:
  • Allow any(or all) countries you want to view the created pages
  • Disallow countries (any number of countries) to view your pages
  • Disallow an IP or an IP range to view your pages
  • Disallow a certain ISP and it's members to view your pages
  • Put the whole installation in Test Mode (only your IP can access)
  • Make the TrafficBoosterPro control panel Stealth (only your IP can see that there is a TrafficBoosterPro login page in your domain)
You can very easily create Japanese Doorway Pages that only Japanese Visitors will ever see! You could do that for any language or country from the TrafficBoosterPro control panel in less than a minute. You have a competitor in a certain country and you don't want him to know about your pages? Block his ISP or IP (if you know what IP or ISP he use) or country that he lives in, and that's it. These are some examples of our GEOIP usage.

 TrafficBoosterPro creates sitemap.xml and urllist.txt and pings.
One of the smart-tasks we have is to create sitemaps for the two Major Search engines Google (sitemap.xml) and Yahoo (urllist.txt). These files are auto updated daily and when they do, they Ping to announce the changes made in the files so the search engine's spiders will visit again to index the new pages added in the sitemaps since the last visit. 

(I have to add here that Yahoo, MSN, Google and now now support sitemap.xml format and all you have to do is to add in your robots.txt the following line: http:/ as you can see it in the sitemaps protocol)

TrafficBoosterPro is compatible with all Known RSS formats.
It can accept RSS 0.9, RSS 2.0, atom.xml and FeedBurner feeds. 99% of the Blogs on the Internet are using any (or all) of the above RSS formats to deliver content.

 TrafficBoosterPro has Real Time Statistics integrated.
We dare to add a statistics section in the admin control panel. No other competitor does. They don't want you to see that they sell you Cr*p. You will see a very detailed statistics page with referrer, IP, User agent, total daily visits, total visitors per month, etc.

 TrafficBoosterPro has it's own contextual ads system integrated.
We have added your own contextual ads system. This will create Double underline for Keywords you define in the admin control panel and it will be created automatically when they appear on doorway pages and link them with a frame to external websites so you don't loose PageRank. Here is an example:

contextual-ads script

contextual-ads script example 2

As you may see in the above images, the keyword phrase "Plus Size Clothing" is underlined with a double line. This will attract not only the visitor's eye but hits to the link's destination.  This is the chance for you to sell Ads in your pages to other webmasters, and make money from affiliate products. Each click is counted and later you can see in the control panel which keywords attract the most clicks.  (The contextual ads feature works only in the Unlimited license version).

All you have to do to make this feature work is to setup in the control panel the keywords or phrases you want to be double underlined and to point to which domain/domains you want and that's it. When your pages load Random RSS feeds and in those RSS feeds included the keywords you defined before to be double underlined then they will be double underlined automatically.

  TrafficBoosterPro is extremely easy, it is the ONLY one of its kind.
TrafficBoosterPro is managed from an easy interface. So that literally ANYONE (at any experience level) can use it. You just set it up once. Then everything is on autopilotVideo tutorials, Ticket submit personal support, Live Chat, a built-in hint system in the script it self and a Private user forum to learn more SEO tricks are at your disposal.

 TrafficBoosterPro is all you need.
You can run any marketing project, you can use it to collect an email address from prospects (using DHTML popups in each page created), you can use it to make sites made for AdSense, you can promote affiliate programs, you can use it to build a content rich site to make your site more theme related to the search engine's eyes, you can sell contextual ads for other webmasters, you can sell links to other webmasters - you need nothing else to be successful.

So...what kind of software are you going to use to make money with today?
Get TrafficBoosterPro now.


Our Version 1.0 was 5 Stars Award Winning Software as you can see on the right side of this page. And that version 1.0 was just a doorway script with RSS Randomizer. Since then we added all the features that you read about above and some others, that we don't want to expose here, that make our software one of a kind.


A note from TrafficBoosterPro Developers:

TrafficBoosterPro is a powerful marketing and SEO  tool.  That said, this software will take you as far as you want to go, BUT some prior knowledge is needed to operate it effectively.  This knowledge includes: 

  • How to FTP and CHMOD files.

  • How to use cpanel on your host/server.

  • How to setup Cron jobs in your Cpanel.
Server Requirements

  • You must have a Linux/Uni*x Hosting Server
  • PHP 4 (any version) is required. PHP 5.0 Not tested yet
  • MySQL is NOT required
  • cURL is required
  • mbstring and iconv PHP extensions for Languages other than English.
Not sure what your server has? Download Our FREE Tester  and test your server.

If you are unsure of any of these skills, either learn them (they'll do you a lot of good) or get a full service license from us and we will set everything up for you for an extra fee.  If you do have the above skills, get this tool and tell your friends where they should come too... (But don't tell your competitors!)

You may Test your server if it is compatible with TrafficBoosterPro by downloading and installing this Tester Script before you order.
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I am getting my page crawled day after day because of the rss .xml file i am submitting and so on,you will ask me how i know that,in my log report,i see where the crawl come from .anytime i create a new folder,i am getting it crawled because i am submitting also rss,i got James said in the manual,this is one fast way to get indexed very fast...Read more..
Many thanks
Many thanks Sir James for this wonderful script.i am felling very lucky...Read more..
here is mine ;)
I decided to start a forum site hoping that if i link to it from my other 11 sites it would gain its own traffic but 4 weeks into the site launch i had 19 members and my soul was destroyed
After uploading the traffic booster pro script and a few hours of tweaking mysite is now home to thousands of members after just a week or so since the script upload. …Read more..

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